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How to export and import usuarios in WordPress

Last update: May 10, 2021

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Poder agregar y administrator usuarios es una gran característica de WordPress. Pero a veces necesitará exportar usuarios de WordPress para poder utilizar sus datos de usuario para otro propósito o migrar usuarios à otro site.

Pero, ¿cómo lo haces? In this artículo, the mostraremos cómo:

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  • Therefore, you may want to export WordPress users
  • Data Protection Considerations
  • How to export and import usuarios in WordPress (3 add-ons)
  • Exporting and importing users with the WordPress User Import and Export add-on
  • Exporting and importing customers from WooCommerce
  • How to export and import usuarios in WordPress multisite
  • Exporting and importing WordPress subscribers
  • Massive export of usuarios

Therefore, you may want to export WordPress users

Some of the situations you might need to export users in WordPress are:

  • You need offline access to user data to be able to connect with subscribers or customers.
  • You have created a new site and need to migrate users from your old site.
  • You are creating a second WordPress site and want to duplicate the users of your first site.
  • You’re migrating a site out of a Multisite network and into a standalone site (or vice versa) and can’t export users along with other data as they’re stored separately by Multisite.

Data Protection Considerations

Before you export your WordPress users, check that you’ve been given permission to use their data in this way.

For people in your organization involved in managing the site, this won’t be an issue. But if you’re exporting customer or subscriber data, then you may only have permission to use their data on your existing site.

Before you proceed, check what permission you were given when you first collected the data and the laws for your territory. You may need to seek legal advice (this article doesn’t constitute legal advice).

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The easiest and most reliable way to import and export WordPress users is by using a plugin. These will let you export users from one WordPress site to a file you download to your computer, then upload that file to import users to the new site.

Let’s take a look at some of the plugins that will do this for you.

Import Export WordPress Users

The Import Export WordPress Users plugin lets you export all users or to just export users with one or more roles that you select. It also lets you specify what data to export, so if you don’t need every field, you can remove those from your export.

It generates a CSV file that you then upload to another site to import your users. It handles all user roles including WooCommerce customers and user roles added by other plugins. However it doesn’t export physical addresses, so if you’re exporting WooCommerce customers and want to maintain address records for future orders, you’ll need the WooCommerce Export Customer List CSV plugin detailed above.

Find out how to use the plugin to export and import WordPress users below.

WP All Export

The WP All Export plugin lets you export all kinds of data from WordPress, not just users. Combined with its sister plugin, WP All Import, you can use it to export and import WordPress users.

It has a range of customization options meaning you can use it to export and import users and other data. It only allows user export in the premium version, so if you need this degree of flexibility, you’ll have to pay for it.

Exporting and Importing Users with the Import Export WordPress Users Plugin

Let’s have a look more closely to this pretty handy export plugin for WordPress: the Import Export WordPress Users plugin. This plugin will let you both export and import users and here’s how to use it.

Exporting Users with the Import Export WordPress Users Plugin

To export users with the Import Export WordPress Users plugin, first activate the plugin. Then go to Users > User Import Export. This will bring up the User/Customer Export screen. From there:

  1. Cliquez sur le champ Rôles d’utilisateur  et sélectionnez les rôles que vous souhaitez exporter. Vous pouvez en sélectionner autant que vous le souhaitez.
  2. Utilisez le champ Décalage  si vous devez ignorer un certain nombre d’enregistrements avant d’exporter. Ceci est utile si vous exportez vos données par lots, ce qui vaut la peine si vous avez des milliers d’utilisateurs. Vous pouvez également utiliser le champ Limite  pour limiter le nombre d’enregistrements que vous exportez.
  3. Faites défiler vers le bas et désélectionnez tous les champs que vous ne souhaitez pas exporter, ou laissez-les tous cochés si vous souhaitez tout exporter.
  4. Click the Export Users  button and the plugin will create a CSV file for download:

Import Export WordPress UsersWordPress User Import and Export Plugin

Import users with Import Export WordPress Users plugin

To import users, navigate to Users > User Import Export  and select the User/Customer Import tab . Of the:

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  1. Click the Choose File button to select your CSV file.
  2. Click the Download File and Import button to download the data.

The plugin will import user data from the CSV file, creating new users on your site:

Import Export WordPress UsersWordPress User Import and Export Plugin


Exporting and importing WooCommerce customers

Most user import and export plugins will export WooCommerce customers, but they will not export all additional user fields created by WooCommerce, such as physical addresses.

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To export all user details including physical addresses, use WooCommerce Export Customer List CSV plugin.

WooCommerce Export Customer List CSV AddonWooCommerce Customer List Export CSV Plugin

This lets you specify which fields you want to export and how many rows of customer data to include. You then run an export, sending the data to a CSV file.

The plugin is designed for store owners who want offline access to their customer list rather than people who want to migrate data to another site, as it does not include an import feature.

How to export and import users in WordPress Multisite

When exporting users from a multisite WordPress installation, you need to consider whether you want to export all users on the network or just those from one site.

The Import Export WordPress Users plugin allows you to export users from one of the sites in your network and then import it to a site in another network or a standalone site. More information on this plugin shortly.

Exporting and importing WordPress subscribers

User data export plugins will export all subscribers to your site. But what if you used a plugin to create newsletter subscribers or added subscribers using the Jetpack plugin?

El complemento Importar exportar usuarios de WordPress will export all the roles of usuario, por lo que si sus datos de usuario están almacenados en su sitio, esos datos se exportationarán. If you use an add-in like a hotlist add-in to gather subscribers and send that data to a service provided on the WordPress site, it will tend to export users from all, not from the WordPress site. If you followed the instructions through Jetpack, you can export using Jetpack’s subscription module.

Massive export of usuarios

All add-ins for exporting user data allow exporting users from the main form to WordPress. The WordPress Export Users Import add-in allows it to specify the quantity of registers for the export of what can be used for the export cualquier cosa de un usuario a todos.

Need to bulk export users from your WordPress or WooCommerce site? There are many ways to do it… Discover them all in this guide! 👥↔️💻Click to tweet

Exporting data from WordPress usuario is algo that will require you to access if you want to access your data from usuario without connecting or importing them to another site.

Suggested reading: How to export a WordPress site

El complemento Importar exportar usuarios de WordPress le permitirá exportar sus usuarios para que pueda trabajar con sus datos sin conexión o importarlos a otro site. Y if está ejecutando a site of WooCommerce, then use the complementary CSV of the list of customers of export of WooCommerce to export all the data of our customers, including the physical directions.

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