How to build a social media website

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How to Build a Social Media Website From Scratch

December 31, 2021 15 minutes to read

Have you ever thought about the tremendous popularity of social networks among modern Internet users? By starting to create a social network now, you have a chance to join the list of the richest people in several years! Let’s see what steps you need to take to get closer to your goals

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The cost of developing a social media app (with actual numbers)

October 7, 2021 / by Lucia Y.

Many businesses, communities, and individuals have great ideas for social networking apps. But the biggest problems they face are the organization and development processes. The cost of developing a social media app, the right development team, app quality, and time to market are all factors that will make or break these app ideas.

Good development will determine which apps actually do. And which are not. So what is the cost of developing a social media app?

The typical cost to build a social media app can range from $35,000 to $1,000,000 or more, depending on factors such as features, software complexity, design, and whether or not you need it. a team and/or if you are developing from scratch.

Also, the price will depend on whether you want an iOS app, Android app, or web app, or all of these platforms at once. Each additional platform will have its additional costs, challenges and specifications for each market.

What kind of social media app do you want to create?

To calculate the cost of developing a social media app, you must first decide what type of app you want.

To be successful with your type of application, we always suggest:

– Bring a unique and innovative idea with amazing features or

– Create an application for a very specific audience or group (for example, for your company or a community)

Here are some types of social apps to choose from:

network app

Create your own LinkedIn social network, a Facebook-like app for networking. An ideal platform for users to find investors, partners, potential clients, colleagues and experts in their same field. You can tap into users around the world or make the app very community-specific. Apps can work to build personal networks, expand your professional network, find investors, potential clients, and also help people find suitable matches.

Messaging and calling app

Create your own WhatsApp-like messaging and calling app, Zangi, with military-grade encryption, high scalability, and unique technologies. Include features like messaging, voice/video calls, file sharing, group chat, etc. Publish on Google Play or App Store.

social  dating app

Create your own dating app similar to Tinder with excellent messaging and calling technologies. Ask users to create profiles with details like profile picture, relationship status, short description, include filter-based search engine features like gender, location, hobbies , etc. Have ultra-secure conversations via chat calls and video calls. and add your own niche touch or quality.

team communication app

Create your own Slack-like app for team communication. Gain complete application ownership and completely protect your team’s data and communications with self-hosting. Add your logo, branding and make the app visible only to a specific business or community, or make it public. Add additional security algorithms and special communication and collaboration features to appeal to the modern consumer.

Photo editing and sharing network

Create an Instagram-like app, PicsArt to share, edit and create video and photo content. Ask users to use various cool photo filters and features to get the most out of these social media apps.

Broadcast app

Create your own Telegram channel type networking app with channels to broadcast your public messages to a large audience. Send notifications directly to a large number of subscribers. Ask users to create private or public channels. Charge for subscription or create free channels. Have millions of subscribers.

Blogs and discussion forums

Faites de Twitter, des blogs ou des micro-blogging de type Tumblr, des applications de publication de contenu social pour générer du trafic et des utilisateurs en leur offrant une plate-forme pour publier leurs pensées et leur contenu. Incluez également des forums de discussion ou des services de questions-réponses pour échanger des connaissances et des conseils.

Les principales caractéristiques et fonctionnalités dont vous avez besoin 

After picking the type of app, the features of the app really are what will determine the full cost of developing a social media app. The costs of your app, and the success of your app highly depend on the features, functionalities, UI/UX, and design you choose to integrate into the app.

Here are rough estimates of the costs of each feature:

Registration $750+

Profile Editing $600+

Search $900+

Messaging $1750+

Encrypted Messaging $2000+

Encrypted File Transfer $3000+

Group Chat $2000+

Contact Sharing $2750+

Location sharing $1250+

Multimedia sharing $2250+

Notifications $650+

Audio Call $3750+

Encrypted Voice Calls $3000+

Video Call $5500+

Encrypted Video Calls $3000+

Setting $4000+

Sticker Store $2000+

Different social media apps are constructed with varying sets of features. To get all the basic features in one go, the easiest and fastest way is with white label social media app providers, who will already give you the base of what you need. Just add your branding and name on top of it.

Advanced features for developing a social media app

With emerging technologies and already big name social media apps in the market, it wouldn’t make sense and would be a waste of money to create a basic social media app. You would need to include advanced features to stand out in competition,  and to have a unique selling point for potential users.

Here are the few advanced features and its development cost/time that you should consider:

Additional Languages Support $1000+

End-To-End Encryption/E2EE $4000+

Special Registration and Verification $5000+

Balance Transfer $3000+

Audio conferencing $30000+

Channels $12000+

Large Groups $8000+

Supergroups $8000+

Stripe, PayPal, Braintree Payment Gateways integration $1000+

Animated GIFs $3000+

AR Filters $5000+

Photo Editing $16500+

Chatbots $15000+

Video Conferencing $40000+

Development team and tech stack required

Developing a social media app is truly very complex; not every entrepreneur has the required skills, expertise or professional employees to build apps. They would have to either create their own development & design team, hire developers or choose a white label app provider to create an app for you on top of a ready base.

A team you would need would consist of:

  • 2 iOS Developers
  • 2 Android Developers
  • Backend Developer
  • Front-end developer
  • QA Engineer
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Manager of Projects/Productos
  • Back-end configuration and integration
  • Office rental and utilities (if you work in the office)

The cost of developing a social media app with a development team (internal in US vs. outsourcing in India) can be seen in the graph below.

Screenshot-2021-10-08-at-5Source: Classic Computing

And depending on the country you are in, the cost of developing a social media app really varies for both mobile and web developers.

stat1Source: Classical Computing web-deloperSource: Classical Computing The total cost of developing a social media application

At the end of this article, you will hopefully be able to estimate your costs. Depending on factors such as number of platforms (iOS, Android, Web), features, software complexity, design and whether or not you need a team and develop from scratch, a simple application costs between $25,000 and $60,000. The average complex can cost you between $61,000 and $70,000 and the complex application can exceed $1,000,000 or more.

Should you go for the cheapest developer option, which claims to develop social media apps for less than $25,000? Most are just marketing scams.

Should you choose high-cost independent developers to ensure high quality? This may not always be the case. Or should you hire your own team to guide you through development? This will give you the option of hiring the most experience, but is often the most expensive option.

To get the best social media app development cost + best quality, it is recommended to find a reputable app development company that will already know how to help you effectively. Or a White Label Ready Application Platform (PAAS),   which guarantees a risk-free process with the application ready, for a quarter of the price.

For example, Zangi White Label is a mature company that has built and achieved superior quality, outstanding features: battery friendly technology, fast messaging, highly secure system, modern UX/UI and messages that are always books.

They have been providing messaging apps to communities and businesses for years. The cost starts at $13,000 for a market-ready, risk-free WhatsApp-like messaging app.

For more advanced features, customizations, and social media features, the price increases respectfully. But still, the development time and price is about 5 times less than zero development. 

How can Zangi save you much more time and resources?

With Zangi, you won’t need to develop your app from scratch. You’ll have the competitive advantage of having your product ready in a short TTM, with changes made directly to Zangi’s fully functional, out-of-the-box client and backend applications.

Zero risk, zero hassle. Contact Zangi!

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