How to automatically approve comments on youtube

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Choose comment settings

You can change your commenting settings in YouTube Studio. Learn more about the different comment settings. 

You cannot change comment settings when:

  • A channel or video’s audience is set to ‘made for kids’. Comments are permanently deleted 30 days after a channel or video made for kids is created.
  • A video is private . If you want to allow comments on a video that isn’t publicly available, post an unlisted video instead.
  • You are using YouTube through a supervised account. Learn more about a supervised experience on YouTube.

Change default comment settings

Choose your default comment settings. This change applies to comments on new videos and new comments on your channel homepage. 

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Settings .
  3. Select Community Defaults .and so
  4. Select your default settings:
    • If you have the Community tab  : choose your default setting under “Comments on your channel”.
    • If you don’t have the Community tab  : Choose your default setting for uploading new videos under “Comments on your new videos”.
  5. Select Save .

Change video comment settings

You can change comment settings for an individual video from its content page. You can also change comment settings for multiple videos at once with bulk edits.

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Content .
  3. Click on a video thumbnail.
  4. Scroll down and and soclick  SHOW MORE .
  5. Under ‘Comments and ratings’, choose your comment settings.
  6. Click  Save .

Change the default comment display

You can change the order of comments on your video’s watch page. You can sort comments by featured comments or by date added.

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Content .
  3. Click on a video thumbnail.
  4. Scroll down and and soclick  SHOW MORE .
  5. Under ‘Reviews and ratings’, select Sort by .
  6. Choose between Top  and Newest .
  7. Click  Save .

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Review and respond to comments

 Moderating and engaging with comments is a great way to maintain a healthy community on your channel.

You can also manage comments in the YouTube Studio app on your mobile device.

Check comments on your videos and channel

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Comments .
  3. Choose the tab you want to view:
    • Posted : Comments that anyone can see.
    • Retained for revision : comments that are retained for revision in function of its configuration and comments that YouTube automatically retains as probable spam.

Puede usar la barra de filtro "" en la parte superior de cada pestaña para filtrar los comentarios que ve. Puede filtrar por texto específico en los comentarios, por comentarios a los que no ha respondido, por comentarios con preguntas y más.

Los creadores elegibles verán “Comentarios y menciones” en Studio en el escritorio. Obtenga más información sobre la elegibilidad de las menciones .

Reaccionar a los comentarios publicados

Desde la pestaña “Publicado”, puede:

  • Responder : haz clic en Responder para responder a un comentario directamente.
  • Corazón : Seleccione el corazón cI1EYCPnEZNBb3QWcpcIdth0J74JkVlhLPhO debajo de un comentario para mostrar agradecimiento.
  • Me gusta : Seleccione me jn47xkFFNJgzIKdBn3WwhirGPye0joDyjCVB gusta para un comentario.
  • No me gusta : selecciona No me 1Qt3VCfY3kJfkxqWhwZld3V7tZuZoAh9TGyx gusta a commentary.
  • Anclar : select Más 8UltGOm3O703Tfy9kBs8wgYP3Mr01vT22TFC6Xqy5KtXdNIgZtB5che-p3umsPppAg=w36 and so Anclar to resaltar a commentary in the superior part of the page of reproduction of this video. This solo opción aparece cuando se ven los comments de un video individual.

Tip  : To help you find out who posted comments more quickly, badges will appear next to commenter names in YouTube Studio. For example, you’ll see badges for top commenters Dcold6z6MNOvCRsEPlY3NDYTyBhbEeJh8iJWB2GTSRBkb7-UATUNo1WbtZwhVvMd4TQ=w44, channel members, _jGHNuToZfGr81u099nG5VKdLcHlpYjO9NDTZGwog3WKze1zGxJamhkiCsPf6kmNXlQ=w44and publicly subscribed commenters HD818HcE1rbMIVxXCbqR8os2A0eeywDV6JovDwgUrMccHeZ2J4dLghRAKvH8ZxfE8HOS=w44.

Take action on comments pending review

In the “Waiting for review” tab, you can perform the following actions. You can also find these options in the “Published” tab by clicking More 8UltGOm3O703Tfy9kBs8wgYP3Mr01vT22TFC6Xqy5KtXdNIgZtB5che-p3umsPppAg=w36.

  • Approve – Select Approve CkMFSejH9ReR1QSf9s2lZD7owDEUuhHqsGf7 to allow a comment to be displayed publicly.
  • Delete – Select Delete lcqfD7701ZzY7mxXb7I8OpSlcHzK3riqYk8K to delete a comment.
  • Report spam or abuse – Select Report WYNyQzfgBwkFCaaO2rG7PAWvyZ2mc9i4yXlf to report spam or abuse on a comment. Learn more about spam comments.
  • Hide user : Select More 8UltGOm3O703Tfy9kBs8wgYP3Mr01vT22TFC6Xqy5KtXdNIgZtB5che-p3umsPppAg=w36 and so Hide user from channel . Learn more about hiding comments from specific people.
  • Always Approve – This option is only available in the “Published” tab. To allow all future comments from a given reader to be automatically approved and publicly visible, select More 8UltGOm3O703Tfy9kBs8wgYP3Mr01vT22TFC6Xqy5KtXdNIgZtB5che-p3umsPppAg=w36 and so Always approve comments from this user .

Add a comment moderator

You can invite moderators to help manage comments on your videos and channel. Anyone who has a YouTube channel can be a moderator. To add a moderator:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Settings .
  3. Select Community .
  4. Enter the moderator’s channel URL in the “Moderators” box.
  5. Select SAVE .

The moderator will not receive a notification that you have added them. Let the moderator know that you can now delete comments.

Get tips for creators to build a community with reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a comment moderator do?

A comment moderator can select Delete lcqfD7701ZzY7mxXb7I8OpSlcHzK3riqYk8K next to a comment on your video to hide the comment. The comment will remain hidden until you review it in your “Awaiting Review” queue. “Removed by moderator” will be displayed next to the comment in the queue.

Moderators don’t have access to your channel in YouTube Studio. The comment will be held for review in the “Waiting for review” queue. Other viewers won’t see the comment until you approve it.

Comment moderation works differently in live chat. Learn how to designate moderators for live chats.

How do I remove a comment moderator?

You can manage your moderators by following the steps above to add a comment moderator. Select Remove c-6Op2gv7htlpH5urxytEzYxKdq74_o_RT4npj3yLHM3UCLjubFEBY1SYF8CkW6kdT0=h36 next to the moderators you want to remove.

Are viewers notified when I like, like, dislike, pin or reply to their comment?

If you like, pin, or reply to a comment, the commenter may receive a notification that you replied, depending on their notification settings.

Likes and dislikes are anonymous. If you like a comment, the commenter may receive a notification that reads, “Someone liked your comment.” Viewers don’t get notified when you dislike their comment.

How do I unpin a comment?

If you’ve pinned a comment to the top of the Reading page, but no longer want it, you can unpin it. Next to the comment, select More 8UltGOm3O703Tfy9kBs8wgYP3Mr01vT22TFC6Xqy5KtXdNIgZtB5che-p3umsPppAg=w36  so what  Detach .

You can also pin another comment, which will unpin the previous one.

What happens when I mark a comment as spam?

The comment will be permanently hidden from your channel. YouTube may also review the comment and commenter behavior for spam.

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Video How to automatically approve comments on youtube

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