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The programmable search engine will automatically display thumbnail images (when available) in search results. You can turn off automatic thumbnails at any time, or you can specify which thumbnails you want to display in search results. Disabling automatic thumbnails does not disable the thumbnails you specified.

Disable automatic thumbnails:

  1. On the custom search home page, click the search engine of your choice.
  2. Click Look and feel , then click the Thumbnails tab.
  3. Toggle thumbnails in search results to OFF .

(Advanced) In some cases, you may want to disable thumbnails only for a specific webpage. To do this, add an empty thumbnailDataObject to a PageMap on the page, like this:

<!– <Page Map> <Data Object Type=”thumbnail” /> </Page Map> –>

Automatic thumbnails will still appear for other pages, but will not appear for pages with PageMaps that contain this empty thumbnailDataObject.

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How to Add Website Thumbnails in Google Chrome Browser

How to Add Website Thumbnails in Google Chrome Browser

How-to-add-website-thumbnails-into-google-chrome-browserCredit: Christin Hume/Unsplash


Nathan Walch

Nathan Walch


November 9, 2020

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Browsing through different websites can give you access to a wide range of information. But, there are sites we want to visit more often. Typing the name of the website into the address bar is one thing. Having to click on an icon that will directly open the site is a better idea.

There are many Google Chrome browser users . It is reliable and easy to use. Google Chrome browser allows its users to easily access their favorite website using the tiles on the home screen of their browser.

What are thumbnails or site icons on the Google Chrome homepage? Google Chrome homepageCredit: Windows Dispatch

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Website thumbnails work like shortcuts to your favorite sites. If you are always visiting a particular website and entering the address takes time, the thumbnail will take you there with just one click. In some cases, you may have forgotten the full URL. All you have to do is click on the thumbnail.

Chrome tiles are icons listed on the New Tab page. If you want to access them, open a new tab and you will see them under Google search. Websites are added to the list based on your history controlled by Google’s algorithm. For example, if you visit a site often, Google will add it.

Now, what if you want to add a tile to your Chrome browser?

How to Add Website Thumbnails to Chrome Shortcuts

There are several ways to add a tile to your browser. You can add it automatically or enter the address manually.

Automatically add a site tile to Google Chrome

Clear Browsing Data in Google ChromeCredit: Windows Dispatch

  1. Open your Chrome browser on your computer.
  2. In the upper right corner, click More.
  3. Select More tools.
  4. Go to Clear browsing data.
  5. In the time range, select All the time.
  6. Check the boxes next to Browsing history, Download history, Cookies and other site data, and Cached images and files.
  7. Click the Clear data box.
  8. Restart your Chrome browser.
  9. Open a new tab.
  10. Type the website you want to add as a thumbnail shortcut.
  11. Press Enter.
  12. Once the website loads, restart your Chrome browser. It will automatically add the website as a thumbnail.

Manually Add Website Tile to Chrome Browser

How-to-add-website-thumbnails-to-chrome-shortcutsCredit: Windows Dispatch

  1. Another way is to manually enter a website. Open a new tab in your Google Chrome.
  2. En plus de la liste des vignettes, cliquez sur Ajouter un raccourci.
  3. Tapez le nom et l’URL du site Web que vous souhaitez ajouter.
  4. Cliquez sur Terminé.

Comment ajouter des vignettes aux raccourcis de site dans Chrome Mobile ?

  • Clear Browsing Data in Google Chrome for Mobile
  • How-to-add-thumbnail-to-shortcuts-in-chrome-mobile

Si vous souhaitez ajouter une vignette à Chrome mobile, vous pouvez suivre les étapes pour ajouter automatiquement une vignette de site Web dans votre navigateur. Effacez d’abord les données de navigation. Redémarrez votre navigateur Chrome et lancez un site Web. Redémarrez votre navigateur.

Tenga en cuenta que sus miniaturas pueden cambiar según las actividades de su sitio web. Cuanto más frecuente visite un sitio web, mayores serán las posibilidades de que se incluya en las miniaturas del sitio web.

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